Long Travel Kit
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Long Travel Kit

Price: $2,759.00
  • Item #: DK-811908
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 The Dirt King long travel kit will dramatically improve off-road handling and performance for your vehicle. This kit will nearly double the amount of suspension travel compared to stock. It’s capable of 14” of travel on both 2WD and 4WD models without over articulating the outer tie rods. On the upper and lower arms we replaced the weak factory ball joints with FK 1" stainless steel uniballs for strength and additional articulation. Our lower arm design with the integrated uniball allows for several inches of additional ground clearance by mounting the arm in the factory location instead of below it. The lower arms sleek design with press broke side plates help deflect rocks and brush. To attach the arms to the factory spindle we include high grade 17-4 stainless steel misalignment spacers with grade 8 mounting hardware. For the inner pivots on the lower arm we replaced the soft factory bushings with our custom machined delrin bushings and pollyurethane bushings for the upper arm inner pivots. The arms are CAD engineered with a complete boxed plate construction and weight saving internally ribbed design. They are tabbed to accommodate for bump stops, limit straps bypass shocks. Another key feature is we moved the wheel placement forward to accept larger tires without hitting the firewall. Dirt King Fabrication provides more than just a great product, our attention to detail, R&D in product development and customer service is second to none in this industry. The kit comes with the upper and lower arms preassembled along with detailed instructions for easy installation. 

Additional 4WD info:
 To achieve the maximum amount of travel on 4WD models we offer 1” diff drop spacers and the inner CV’s must be internally machined for clearance at full droop. Dirt King offers pre-machined inner CV cores that can be swapped for an additional $120. You have the option to buy just the extend chromoly axle shafts for $649 or a complete long travel axle assembly with machined inner CV’s, new boots, new seals, and packed with Lucas Oil heavy duty grease for $1085. The cost will drop to $975 if you send in your undamaged OEM axles as a core. We provide these options to make the axle installation painless and no special tooling needed.

Shock options:
 For 2WD models a standard King 8” coil-over or Fox 8” coil-over with a 1” extended lower rod end will work with the kit. 4WD models must use a king 8” coil-over with an over cap and 1” extended lower rod end. We offer coil bucket shock mounts and reservoir mounts that can be purchased separately to bolt in the shocks.

Dirt King spec shocks (DK-811908-KSS)
 The King spec built shocks for the Dirt King long travel kit are custom built for optimal performance. They're valved to our specifications and can be fine tuned to your preference by describing what you will be using the vehicle for. Whether it be daily driving, heavy off-road use, light off-road use, rock crawing, or any combination will help us further customize the shocks. Included with the shocks are Dirt King upper shock mounts and Dirt King reservoir mounts with all necessary hardware. You have the option to upgrade to internal bypass, compression adjusters, and finned reservoirs. The internal bypass option will not work with on 4WD applications. We also offer custom anodizing and custom coil colors for additional cost, contact us for details. Since these shocks are custom built for your application there are no refunds. Build time is estimated between 3-6 weeks.

Boxed upper arms
• WSSX16T stainless steel uniballs

• Pollyurethane bushings
• Zinc plated bushing washers 

• Grease fittings for easy servicing             
• 3/16" boxed plate construction
Boxed lower arms
• WSSX16T stainless steel uniballs
• Bump stop plates
• Limit strap tabs
• Bypass tabbing

• Delrin bushings
• Grease fittings for easy servicing 
• 3/16" & 1/8" boxed plate construction
• Internally ribbed with extrusions for weight reduction

8" quad wrapped limit straps
Weld on adjustable limit strap mounts
17-4 stainless steel misalignment spacers

17-4 stainless steel tie rod extensions
DOT approved extended brake lines 
Grade 8 mounting hardware
Bump stop spacers
Additional Notes:
Maximum backspacing: 4.75"
2WD and 4WD compatible
3.5" wider per side


Toyota Tacoma 2WD/4WD 2005-2015 (6 lug)