Chromoly 1" Uniball Cup
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Chromoly 1" Uniball Cup

Price: $18.00
4 or more: $16.50 each
10 or more: $14.50 each
  • Item #: DK-39301
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 All uniball cups look similar but are not all the same. We have made several design changes setting them apart from the rest. First off we slightly oversized the snap ring bore along with small chamfers on the groove making the uniballs press in much easier and reduce scaring. Our design also allows for a high misalignment angle and they limit perfect paired with our misalignment spacers. When the spacers and uniball cup limit, they have maximum surface area contacting each other dispersing the load. This is ideal on parts such as spindles where they may contact to limit the steering. They are CNC machined out of chromoly and proudly made in the USA. Priced individually and the snap ring is sold seperatly.